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Conference: The Secret, the Public and Social Order (11 - 13.05.2012)

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Friday 11th May 2012


Noon: Meeting and Greeting
Sandwich Lunch and Introductions at the Senior Common Room, ArtsTwo

13:00 - 14:30 New Research of QMUL and its Partners 
Thomas Dixon (Director of the Centre of the History of Emotions): The History of Emotions, at QMUL and Beyond

Barbara Korte and Birgit Studt: Heroes

15:00 Visit at the Leo Baeck Institute

15:45 Tea in the Senior Common Room

16:00 Doctoral Presentations I (Commentator: Arndt Schreiber (Freiburg))

David Magliocco: Pepys and 'the Paranoid Style' in Restoration Politics

Martin Foerster: Catholic Education in Restoration Ireland, 1660-1685

Tour of ArtsTwo and Cemetery

18:00 Party in Senior Common Room and book launch

Dinner on Brick Lane

Saturday 12th May 2012


9:00 New Research in Motion: Presentation and Feedback (Chair: Marco Tomaszewski)

Kate Lowe: The Late Medieval and Early modern Black Diaspora: German Evidence

Miri Ruben: Ecclesia and Synagoga

10:45  Coffee Break

11:00  Doctoral Presentations II (Commentator: Matthew Champion (QMUL))

Matthias Herm: Private Histories - Public Memories: Towards a Topical History of Late Medieval Historiography

Craig Griffiths: Gender Presentation, "Respectability" and the West German Gay Movement: Competing Notions of Emancipation and Tuntenstreit, 1973-1975

12:45  Lunch Break, Senior Common Room

Afternoon: Tour of the Olympic Site and Greenwich

Evening: Free

Sunday 13th May 2012


09:00  Doctoral Presentations III (Commentator: TBA (QMUL))

Natalie Churn: The Hidden Times of Homelessness in Australia

Eva Schauerte: From Prison to Gated Communities: Contral on a Watch - Media Orders of Surveillance

10:45  Coffee Break

11:00  Doctoral Presentations IV (Commentator: Doris Lechner (Freiburg))

James Everett: Light as a metaphor for knowledge in the work of Francis Bacon

Will Tosh: The friendship networks of the intelligencer Anthony Bacon (1558-1601)

12:45 Sandwich Lunch at Senior Common Room

Discussion of future plans, chaired by Virginia Davis


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